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5 new trends in bathrooms

5 new trends in bathrooms  The first rule is to study space and see how many square meters we have and how can make better use them of. Other important issues are to see what furniture will give more storage capacity, which finishes will be simpler to clean…

Then thanks to rock we will discover five trends that will help us to decorate the bathroom space…

1 shower instead of bathtub trays

They are much more modern, comfortable and practical. Why is not difficult to guess because ever are more present in our bathroom spaces.

They take up less space than a bathtub to use, if you have little space we can bet on partitions, glass dimension, giving a greater sense of space. At the same time from rock show us new models of shower on board, for a more modern air.

2 transpare...

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Tips for designing a bathroom tiles

Tips for designing a bathroom tiles

Doubts about choosing what in the bathroom is lurking in every project. Generally thought to living, to the rooms, the kitchen and even the garden, without much trouble. When making decisions about bathroom customers are assaulted by a thousand doubts?

It would seem easy to answer questions like this, but the manual there are answers. And then it takes common sense and professionalism to give the right advice. We must think about the use of this room, to the customer’s taste and often even on a budget.

The bathroom in recent years has become the place where increasingly focuses, or because you want to recreate a relaxing corner because in recent years he devotes much time to the care of the body.

An important role in delivering a nice bathroom plays the covering chosen for the walls. It may happen that this be replaced with a waterproof paint.

The d...

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Simple Tips For Designing Modern Bathroom

Simple Tips For Designing Modern Bathroom  Simple bathroom, a lot of people draw a blank design of bathroom design ideas. To be honest, many of us are concerned and some renovation or intimidated renovation through sheer bathroom ideas volume of details in the selection with mixed materials and some other accessories. The bathroom interior design is an area of little effort to embellish, or remodel takes.

In contrast to other rooms at home, the bathroom needs a little color and update to provide many of the encounters a whole new look. The first step with a successful design is the selection of the most suitable materials and components.

You can easily combine colors and wallpapers for your bathroom wall decoration. For example, you might need to paint tiles in the shower still or to use to other wallpaper bathroom, but use too many products as your bathroom learn interior design maybe confusing.

The biggest thing is to use the colors, textures and patterns. The atmosphere founded the tiles in the bathroom for your room.

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New choose bathroom fixtures for the bathroom

asdNew choose bathroom fixtures for the bathroom, discover the variety of bathroom fixtures available, before you choose the device which in your needs, looks good and makes optimal use of the available space.

Plumbing is available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors. The wide choice that is available, gives you the ability to create any atmosphere of sleek modern to comfortable nostalgic. Everything you need to determine the requirements of space and comfort.

Luxury in many designs more important than usability. There are baths that spoil you with built-in armrests and headrests and more than enough space in dabbling, whirlpool-baths that while massaging you and double sinks that the morning crowds in the bathroom.
Bathrooms are often smaller than one would like, but a large bathroom is not necessary to take advantage of the shapes and styles of bathroom fixtures that are available. Corner baths make good use of normally lost space and wall-hanging or standing against the wall elements give the illusion of space with their sleek, modern lines.

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Making The Most Out Of Bathroom Renovation Or Refurbishment

The bathrooms in your house are perhaps one of the most important rooms to focus on when it comes to design or upgrades. When remodeling or upgrading your bathroom, some of the improvements you might want to make include putting in ceramic tile or perhaps changing the sink and cabinets. These days there are so many different things you can put in or change when remodeling your bathroom.


A great deal of bathroom design experts believe that the first improvement you should make should begin with floors. Because typical bathroom you don’t have an extremely big floor area, redesigning the floor won’t cost as much as you think. Granted, there are tiles that cost a lot more than others, but since it’s a small area, you might want to go with nicer tiling options.

Wall space

Painting the walls can make the biggest difference. You’ll really want to use a waterproof paint for obvious reasons. A local painting company like F&B Painting Contracting can explain which types of paint are best for bathrooms. Adding tiles to the wall is also another popular feature. Sometimes, just painting the walls can be a little cliché but adding some tiling is a good way to make your bathroom look unique and luxurious. Adding in some wall art too will also do wonders.

Changing the actual bathtub

The first thing most people notice when they walk into any bathroom is the tub or shower area. If you would like to have a distinctive appearance for your own bathroom, putting in a custom bath or shower is a good investment. Most homes don’t include a Jacuzzi or custom bathtub or shower. While putting in a new tub or shower can be costly, it can also be a good investment and high selling point down the line.

Toilet options

Much like with the tub or shower, every home comes with a relatively standard toilet. And those toilets don’t tend to be very good. These days, there are so many different types of toilets that is can be hard to figure out which one is right for you. If you’re going to upgrade your toilet, I’d recommend going for one that conserves water. Going green seems to be a way of life rather than a trend so having a toilet that saves water could also be an important selling point in the future.

Renovating the actual cupboards

One of the biggest eye sores in a bathroom are the cabinets and sink area. Nothing makes a bathroom look more dated or cheap than ugly cabinetry and faucets. Although it might be tempting to go with something inexpensive, don’t do it.

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