Could Mezzanine Floors Be the Answer for the Modern House?

They were once reserved for industrial buildings, but mezzanine floors are now slowly making their way into homes up and down the country. The fact that they don’t require planning permission and provide a homeowner with additional space that once didn’t look possible means that they are becoming increasingly popular. If you take a look at these designs you’ll see just how much glamour the typical mezzanine floor can inject into a house, as we now take a look at some of the common instances where homeowners opt to install one of these into their property.

When that loft conversion isn’t possible…

It’s no secret that loft conversions are the big renovation project at the moment. While the property market is improving, many homeowners are still looking to reap as much value from their existing building. A loft conversion proves the perfect way to achieve this, although there are some cases in which it’s not structurally possible to convert this area. Usually, this will be because of the shape of the roof and means that that the conversion would only realise a small amount of space, that would not be economically viable.

Therefore, a mezzanine floor can be the perfect alternative. You’d still suffer the same problems with space, but you could at least position it to create it into a gallery which overlooks another room.

When you reside in a listed building…

Listed buildings can be absolute pains to own and the amount of restrictions you’ll have to deal with will be bordering on the ridiculous. One of the big drawbacks about these buildings is that they generally have very low ceiling beams, which cannot be removed due to their listing. This is where the mezzanine floor can be the perfect solution and even if some of these beams are preventing you from creating a full second floor, you can use the mezzanine to just build around the beams and take advantage of the space that is available.

When you are building your home in stages…

If you ever manage to build your own home, especially in the present economic climate, then you will have achieved something that a lot of people could only dream of. There’s no doubt that it takes a huge financial commitment and for some people, it’s just not possible to construct their house immediately. This is why building and designing a home in stages has become much more appealing, with many constructing the ground floor before progressing onto the upstairs when their finances permit.

This is prime time for a mezzanine floor to be appropriate. While you will have to take advice from structural engineers and architectural metalwork specialists, you can install a mezzanine floor in the near future rather than waiting years for that full-scale second floor extension. Additionally, as a mezzanine only covers a small portion of the room, you’ll be able to comfortably occupy the ground floor of your home while the construction work commences.

When you just want to add a unique touch to your home…

Alternatively, some will just turn to this option when they want something unique to shout about. While we have noted examples of mezzanine floors acting as direct replacements for the whole of a second floor, a lot of homeowners simply turn to the solution to add a unique touch to their property. If constructed correctly, they can make fantastic additions to both modern and traditional dwellings. Many simply use them as a gallery to overlook other areas of the home, but the possibilities within mezzanines are terrific and if you do have the budget and property to invest in a ‘premium feature’ – they should definitely be considered.

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