Interior doors – trends and choices

Interior doors – trends and choices

The choice of interior doors is varied even when you opt for a turnkey home! But how to choose its interior doors? How to ensure that the doors that we choose will be in agreement with our interior? How to choose among the different dimensions, finishes and price? Here are a few tips.

Interior doors for a rustic Interior

Wooden doors fit in perfectly with a classic or rural interior. Among the wooden doors, there are doors in plywood and solid wood doors. These have style, but are not always given. For best results, you can make your interior doors custom solid wood. The oak doors are and remain a classic, but can also receive any other look after treatment. Lacquered doors are also quite successful. The painted doors are more affordable and remain a very good qualitative alternative.

Design interior doors

Glass doors make their comeback in the neat arrangements. This type of door is easily customizable. Dimensions on the grounds, the possibilities with glass doors are multiple. Folding doors and hinged doors also agree perfectly with a contemporary interior. A door swing between the floor and ceiling surface offers many possibilities and offers an elegant style. The last copies on the market are equipped with a spring mechanism incorporated into the door to avoid apparent between two pieces of ground joints. Unlike the classic style, this created a continuity between parts. For a sleek design, there are also flat doors that fully blend into the scenery. Their framework embedded in the wall and the use of invisible hinges make a flat door becomes invisible once closed. Recessed door handle is another novelty which is consistent with the minimalist trend. Sliding doors, are also a type of door perfectly according to a contemporary and uncluttered style.

Place an interior door in a turnkey House

You want to buy a type of House key on door? The choice of interior door does not stop at the basic model. Houses offers as standard model of interior doors, doors with a sheet of MDF and pre-painted door in white, allowing you to repaint them in a different color if you wish. They are also dressed latches and an aluminium lock. If, on the other hand, you wish to opt for a completely different style, it’s still possible! Just talk to your contractor’s House and go with him the various possibilities.

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