Moving Tips – Packing Tips for Moving

Moving Tips – Packing Tips for Moving

Moving to a new home is an exciting prospect, but can also be overwhelming when you are faced with the task of packing for your move. Organize ahead of time will help to put your mind at ease and will pay off in the end. Protect your valuables is a priority when packaging, so do not cut corners on packing materials. Allow yourself enough time and your move will be less stressful.

Collecting boxes and moving supplies several weeks prior to the date of your moving. Boxes can be purchased at your moving company or a packaging store. Some moving companies have a range of previously used boxes that they will give you. Specialty boxes, such as those for tableware and glasses, simplify packaging and protect your fragile items. Have a lot of packing tape and scissors markers available. Get a good supply of bubble wrap or newspaper to protect your valuables.

Before you start packing, a “moving notebook.” If you grab a box, write the content in your notebook. Number the boxes and label each box with the room that it came from. To simplify things for the movers, color code your boxes. Place a colored dot on each box, using one color for each room in your new home. Your new home, place the corresponding colored dots on rooms so the movers know where to put them.


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The Japanese gardens have a long history dating back to the 7th century. They were born with the idea of capturing the landscape in its natural form and today they have become one of the most important manifestations of the Japanese culture along with calligraphy and gastronomy. In Japan, the design of the garden is linked to the philosophy and religion and why shinto, Buddhism, and Taoism incorporated therein providing a spiritual dimension and turning it into a space that invites you to meditate and conveys a feeling of relaxation and serenity.

There are five types of Japanese Gardens:

The gardens with hills and bridges. They originated in China. Ponds represent the sea and the hills Islands. Lanterns, trees, bridges and ponds are mandatory elements.

Dry gardens. They are very simple and are typically used in small spaces. They reproduce natural landscapes in a more abstract way, through the use of rocks, gravel and sand used to symbolize mountains, Islands and rivers. Water is represented by gravel which will rake forming undulations to reaffirm the symbolism. They refer to the Zen philosophy and usually try to evoke a deeper meaning.

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5 types of wood furniture

5 types of wood furnitureToday I propose to you familiar with some types of wood furniture. Wood is the universal material par excellence, I have already tested it. It is durable, resists any room temperature although your care more expensive it, but the aesthetic value is very high.

Kinds of wood for your furniture
Wood furniture is a fixed point in all our houses. Some of any type and any model. Integrate to any style depending on the design, finishes, colors, etc. Such is the case of the rustic, well known by all. But almost no matter the style of decoration, there will always be a wooden furniture in interior decoration.

Cherry furniture
Cherry tree is a kind of wood which is mainly characterized by its reddish hues. Used in current furniture by the straight lines of the graph that has. Because of this is fine-grained and not too hard for what is used as a veneer to be mainly of agglomerates. Its maintenance is not more than with a soft cloth cotton and periodically some wood with waxes or oils cleaning product. Very important is the protection of the Sun to avoid discoloration.

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How Do I Clean a Terrazzo Floor

How Do I Clean a Terrazzo FloorThe terrazzo floors, are made with a mixture of marble and cement. This type of flooring became popular during the Roman period, and now we we usually find them on floors, furniture and sculptures.

Terrazzo floors, are quite strong to the passage of time and economic. This page will explain you some errors that we can commit to cleaning, and as leave them spotless.

Difference between terrazzo floors and granite

The marble and granite often are confused, because are very similar. The same happens in the floors, which are confused with the granite terrazzo floors. Confuse them is a big mistake, since they are not cleaned in the same way. Terrazzo is much more delicate and soft than granite. Terrazzo floors are worn far more frequently than the granite.

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HEADBOARDS TO DECORATE YOUR BEDROOM  In previous articles we saw traditional options in decoration of bedrooms with wooden, textile bed Headboards and artistic murals. Today we will focus on the headboards of work, an alternative that offers new features to this stay.

The headboards of work are walls to half height, usually superimposed on the main wall of the bed, or integrated in it depending on the occasion, offering a surface area of storage as well as an extra decoration, and which serve as a framework to the rest area. They can be manufactured in brick or concrete, they can have a polished finish, be painted or covered in wood, metal, or any material that we want to give you a more personalized finish.

Among them distinguish three modes among the most common, that will offer us different results depending on the type of sensations, functionality and style are looking for in this piece.

Simple work headboards
They can from normal proportions of a headboard to adapt to the General measures of the bed, either extend from side to side of the bedroom. This type of header is usually chosen to integrate the bedside table, general lighting switches and take advantage of the upper space for small decorative accessories.

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