Prevent freezing of plumbing

Prevent freezing of plumbingCold temperatures, snow and ice are winter conditions which may require a repair of your plumbing pipes.By freezing, water takes its expansion in the pipe and created great pressure. That the plumbing is made of PVC or metal, pipes freeze all if they are too exposed to the cold when the piping along an outside wall for example, or that the pipes are too close to the ground.

Protect your exterior pipes

  • In the fall, make sure to open the outside tap and drain out all the water must pass by this facility.Then, be sure to close the domestic water supply valve to make sure to cut any water that may pass through your plumbing safe and permanent. This precaution will help prevent your outside pipes freezing.
  • If the exterior part is not completely independent of your indoor plumbing, or if the inner pipe remains exposed to the weather, once drained, remember to cover exposed using newspaper or cloths covered with plastic parts.
  • Seal and caulk cracks around water pipes that pass through your exterior walls can avoid the risk of freezing of pipes.

Here are some tips from prevention to avoid freezing pipes inside

  • When you leave your home for a long period the winter, beware of too lower heating. Cold and freezing are likely to burst your inlet hoses.
  • It is good to leave open the cabinet doors where the pipes to prevent water damage caused by the bursting of plumbing.
  • Failure and prolonged heating, let a trickle of water flowing from your faucets so that the water is in constant circulation, thus avoiding standing water to freeze more easily.
  • Insulate foam insulation pipes, valves and fittings in the rooms without heating such as crawl space or garage.
  • If you close your chalet for the winter, once the closed water inlet, flush all taps to empty completely your pipes. Isolate the part that is located upstream of your main water inlet valve.



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