Three Reasons to Choose Frameless Glass Doors

If there was ever any doubt about what kind of partition to use in your office, conservatory, or any room in your house, here are three reasons to choose sleek frameless glazing. Offering a host of beautiful, seamless finishes that receive a great deal of natural light, you can find high quality, long-lasting partitions that may be personalised to add a refreshing uniqueness to any room. Frameless glass doors offer a modern aesthetic, making them a popular choice in offices and homes on national scale.

Tailored to your Needs

Frameless partitions offer added natural light without sacrificing privacy, and can be curved or straight. They can be tailored to any size specifically for any single room. They can be made to comply with ever stricter fire regulations and can be made to be sound resistant for that extra bit of peace and quiet.

With your Health in Mind

The abundance of added natural light provides much needed Vitamin D and will have a positive effect on your mood, frameless glass is also more resistant to mould, the absence of which will have a positive effect on the respiratory health of you and your staff or family.

For Added Practicality

Not only are glass doors highly durable, but they are also practical, especially if you ever need to consider a refurbishment. Indeed, moving frameless doors to another room will be painless.

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